New high-efficient control in modular construction

for Aerzen blowers and compressors


Only control systems operating as per requirement guarantee a trouble-free and efficient working compressed-air stations. For this reason, Aerzener Maschinenfabrik will use only the newly developed, modular control AERtronic size AS 300 for oil-free compressors, starting this year in July. In addition to the common control systems, such as AS200 and ASG200 with fault indicator, operating hour meter, display of operating data, error memory, remote control, regulator as per pressure and temperature also in the vacuum operation and optional remote maintenance via GSM-module, the AS300 AERtronic is the control system that offers a wide range of very attractive new additional functions.

This control system always consists of a trouble-free and intuitively working Touch Screen (available languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish) and the basic module as well as modules to be used in addition according to application case. Thanks to an user-friendly menu structure all process data can be displayed and parameters can be modified. The new control system AS300 AERtronic appropriate for external installation

The basic module installed in Aerzen blower series offers the following basic functions: processor unit, oil level inspection, suction and discharge pressure, motor temperature and speed, three free digital entries, relay output and BUS interfaces for communication with operator panel and extension modules. Regarding single-stage, oil-free Aerzen compressors this basic module is supplemented by an extension module with three digital inputs and three relay outputs as well as three inputs for temperature and pressure measurements (e.g. oil- and discharge temperature, oil pressure). Depending on the application further ancillary and special modules offer additional digital inputs, relay outputs, PT 1000 and analogue inputs, analogue outputs for pressure and temperature control at operation via frequency converter as well as BUS interfaces towards superordinated control systems, other systems and for data remote transfer.
The control system AS300 AERtronic allows the global control of max. six compressors max. via Bus and control module (visualization and remote control optionally). The system of the master unit monitors the system pressure, starts and stops the compressors as required and runs them with equal use. The new modularly structured control system AS300 AERtronic world-wide applicable and retrofittable! shall fulfil all requirements about a customized compressed-air supply by Aerzen blowers and compressors with highest reliability and efficiency.

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